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What is Sewer Infiltration?

What is Sewer Infiltration?

Sewer infiltration, if not properly cared for, can end up leading to serious problems in the home. What exactly does this refer to and what can be done? Your home has an inflow and infiltration system that helps to move waste water from your home. There is a dedicated waste water pipe as well as pipes for groundwater. The water will be transported out of your home and moved to the proper drainage system. When a sanitary sewer system becomes overloaded, it can easily lead to flooding in the home. Flooding of sanitary sewers can cause a smell or worse, it could cause sewer water to flow out of the toilet and leak on the carpet in your home. This can be a messy process to fix.sewer infiltration

With improper connections or cracked pipes in the home or in a business, it will end up lead to problems. Some homes may require sump pumps to help in removing the secondary water that is released where others do not have pumps. The infiltration problem that happens with the sanitary pipes allows groundwater to get into the pipes. Usually age is the biggest problem so if you have an older home it is a good idea to contact a pipe specialist company to come out and test your pipes and repair any of the issues. Simple cleaning of the pipes can remove tree stumps that get into the older pipes and can cause blockages in the proper removal of waste.

A sewer pipe is made to last about 50-80 years. If you have a home that is nearing 50 years, getting your pipes checked out is a good idea to prevent issues. Plus is it important to know the type of materials that were used in the construction of your pipes. With inspection and repair, the water coming into your home will be clean and the water leaving your home will now be called “clear water” as it is normal sewage waste that is headed to the right drainage area and no longer to the groundwater pipes.

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