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How Video Pipe Inspection Works using a Pipe Cam

How Video Pipe Inspection Works using a Pipe Cam

Video pipe inspection using a Pipe Cam can alert you to potentially serious problems located within your sewer pipes. By using state-of-the-art equipment you can get video and still pictures taken of the inner workings of your pipes. This can provide technicians important maintenance information, as well as pinpoint specific problems or issues within a pipe. However, these services are not just for troubleshooting pipes. It is also a useful tool for:

  • Determining if a pipe project was completed correctly
  • See the innards of a pipe at each stage of a maintenance project
  • To create a plan for fixing or cleaning a sewer line or pipe
  • Used during the actual cleaning process

Video Pipe InspectionThe equipment that is used is a specialty video camera or pipe cam that can travel thousands of feet of pipe in a short amount of time. This gives both the technicians and the property owner a complete visual of the entire pipe, which can later be used for troubleshooting or maintenance reasons.

This service is also helpful in cases when a pipe must be cleaned. Ensuring the job is done correctly can lead to more efficient service and reduce the chances of the problem reoccurring. This service is quickly gaining popularity for large cities, utility departments and municipalities that must complete jobs in short periods of time. Ensuring pipes are maintained and can provide quality service is essential for the smooth running of any area.

This service is also beneficial for residential homeowners who want to ensure there are no issues or problems with their sewer lines, which run from their home. This can prevent extremely messy backups into the home or flooded septic fields. The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is definitely relevant when it comes to your sewer pipes. Take advantage of the video pipe inspection using a Pipe Cam today and ensure your pipes are up to snuff.

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