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Trenchless Sewer Repairs or No Dig Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repairs or No Dig Sewer Repair

Until recently, Sewer pipe damage underneath the house, sidewalks, driveways and roads required a tremendously expensive process of often breaking through concrete and digging down to the affected pipes. The magnitude of labor and construction involved in such a repair can overwhelm almost any homeowner’s budget. But today, there is an option for pipe repair involving no drastic measures and no digging.

It all starts with a camera sent down the pipe to find the damage and inspect it. Root damage, collapsed pipe, missing pieces, and cracks can all be identified and resolved through pipe lining. Cast iron pipes with no bottoms can be made into solid piping. Breaks and holes are completely sealed off. It is all done with a special pipe lining made of a flexible vinyl-type material that is shaped into a long tube and cut to the appropriate length to cover the affected area of the pipe.

The lining is coated on-site with an epoxy resin, by pouring it into the tube. Then, the launching unit uses air pressure to force the tube foot by foot into the pipe, turning inside-out as it goes, causing the resin side to make contact with the interior of the pipe. A balloon-like structure is then pushed down through the pipe liner and blown up to press it tightly against the inside of the pipe. This causes the resin to seal to the metal or clay sewer pipe, or at least round itself against the exposed ground.

The resin will cure in just 3 hours. If a small dig site has been opened up to access the pipe, it can be refilled now. If it has been done straight from the interior plumbing of the house, the process is done. And the pipe liner has become solid like a PVC pipe, because of the resin. The pipe lining lasts for at least 50 years.

Homeowners are grateful to save money on the standard labor-intensive pipe repair service as well as time and hassle. Pipe lining is a quick process that can be used for several purposes including lining roof drain vertical pipes, wet/dry stacks on apartment and condo buildings, sewer piping under driveways and other immovable structures, and electrical conduct line. Pipe lining is the most efficient and affordable way to repair pipe damage below ground.

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