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Sewer Line Replacement Cost vs. Sewer Line Repair Cost

Sewer Line Replacement Cost vs. Sewer Line Repair Cost

Sewer Line Replacement Cost vs. Sewer Line Repair CostA broken sewer line anywhere in your home is a major concern and can become a costly expense. When you first begin to notice the warning signs of sewer line problems you should act quickly to determine the cause and to find out what options you have available. The most common sewer line repairs inside your home can be tackled as a do-it-yourself project, but for those that involve your home’s main sewer line you may want to consider the costs and advantages of sewer line replacement vs. sewer repair. Here are some of the areas to consider:

  • It is important to determine where the break in the sewer line is. Most often you will know there is a problem with your sewer line as it begins to run slower or causes back-ups inside your home. To determine exactly where the problem in the sewer line is a plumber can use a small sewer camera inside the sewer line. This will help to give you a look at the inside of the pipe and the area of damage as well as help determine the exact location of the sewer line and the break.
  • Once you have seen the break and can determine how far along the sewer line it is you will be able to better determine if it is under the foundation of your home or under and exterior lawn area. The location of the break will make a great difference in the cost to excavate the area to repair or replace the sewer line break.
  • Consider the different options to reach the sewer line break vs. the cost to replace the entire sewer line.
    • Trenching to reach a sewer line can be quite an invasive project that requires digging through your entire yard or even breaking through your foundation. Depending on if you want to repair only the break area or replace the entire line will determine how big of a trench will need to be dug. For a complete sewer line replacement you can expect extensive trenching and even higher expenses if the sewer line connection to the main city sewer must be repaired or replaced.
    • New trenchless sewer line technology (CIPP) allows you to replace the entire sewer line without digging a trench. Using specialized machinery a liner is inserted into a pipe impregnated with a thermosetting resin, which is expanded and cured to form a tight-fitting liner within the host pipe, a pipe within a pipe. This process will repair your sewer line only at the damaged points potentially saving you thousands of dollars especially if the break is under your foundation, driveway or a tree.
  • Consider time frame and cost when deciding on which method will work best for your needs. With traditional trenchless replacement you may need permits, with Trenchless CIPP, no permit is required. If you choose to replace your sewer line, you will be without your sewer line for a time but with trenchless technology, only a few hours is required.

Finding a break in your sewer line may be one of the most expensive repairs you face as a homeowner. When you are determining whether to simply repair or to replace the entire sewer line it is important to consider the overall condition of your sewer line, the age of your home, and the investment you want to make in your home. When possible, replacing the entire sewer line will give you a better and longer lasting result.

Pipe Rehab Specialists specializes in Residential and Municipal trenchless pipe repair. If you are have sewer line problems and want to know the sewer line replacement cost vs. sewer line repair cost, please contact us for an estimate.

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