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How Can I Prevent My Sewer From Backing Up?

How Can I Prevent My Sewer From Backing Up?

How Can I Prevent My Sewer From Backing Up?A flood in your basement cause by backed up sewer can be a devastating experience for any homeowner. Not only do you have to deal with the damage caused by flood waters, you have to deal with issues caused by sewage entering your home. It is possible to take precautions so that you can prevent having your sewer problems and most importantly prevent your sewer from backing up. Here are some of the important routine tips you can follow to prevent your sewer from backing up:

  • Regular inspections and cleanings can help to ensure that your sewer line is properly working and will help to reduce the risk of backups. Making inspections of your sewer lines include connects under sinks and as well as your main sewer line. Because most of your sewer line is below your foundation or buried underground, you may want to consider periodically having a sewer camera inspection done by professionals. Routine cleanings can be done much easier. Often times using commercial products or ingredients found at home such as draino can loosen up debri in your pipe all at once and collect together further down the line to cause a bigger clog in the pipe.
  • Be aware of sewer lines and what is washed or flushed down them. For instance, ensuring that no grease is poured down kitchen drains will help to prevent messy sewer backups. Being careful of paper products and knowing that sanitary products as well as diapers cannot be flushed will help to reduce the risk of a sewer line backup as well.
  • When planting and completing your outdoor landscaping, knowing where plumbing lines are when planting trees will help you avoid root intrusions. One of the most common reasons for sewer problems outside of the home is from tree roots in sewer lines that invade and clog or otherwise damage sewer lines.
  • When you notice slow running drains, you can easily treat them to avoid complete blockages. Making sure to be proactive in caring for drains as soon as a problem is discovered can ensure that you won’t have more substantial problems later on caused by your sewer line backing up such as sewage getting into your carpet and drywall.
  • The same can be said for physical problems you may notice in sewer line connections. Repair problems as soon as they are discovered to avoid not only more substantial sewer backups or damage but to reduce the costs of repair as well.

Taking precautions to care for your sewer by doing routine inspections and cleanings by a certified professional, repairing damaged areas as soon as they are discovered, and taking precaution in making sure to avoid flushing items that can damage them will help to reduce the risk of sewer backups as well as ensure that your sewer system will serve you and your family well for many years to come.

For questions about sewer camera inspection or cost on repairing a sewer line using a “no dig,” trenchless technology that could potentially save you thousands of dollars as a homeowner, please feel free to contact us at Pipe Rehab Specialist.

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