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Fixing a Broken Sewer Line under House or Driveway

Fixing a Broken Sewer Line under House or Driveway

Fixing a Broken Sewer Line under House or DrivewayOne of the most frustrating and costly repairs a homeowner can face is a break in their main sewer line. Not only does a break in the sewer line often cause sewage back-up into your home, it can be difficult to find the exact location of the break and difficult to repair if it is under the foundation or driveway of your home. The first time you have a sewer line back-up, you may not suspect a major problem with your sewer line. If however, you continue to have problems with multiple drains in your home or continue to see sewage back-ups, it is time to call in a professional to help evaluate your sewer line to determine if there is a break. Breaks are often discovered when a plumber uses a scope or small pipe camera that is sent down your sewer line to inspect the inside of the pipe. The images from the camera can not only show you the break but be useful in finding where along the line the break is so you know where the repair is needed. It is common to find that a sewer line break is under your foundation, sidewalk, or driveway. Here is what to expect when completing these type of sewer line repairs:

  • Once the break is discovered you should locate it using the camera and other tools. The hardest part is locating exactly how your sewer line is run, where your sewer line goes, and finding the exact spot.
  • Once the general location of the break is identified you must determine the best access. For foundations you most likely have no option other than to remove any flooring and break open the cement unless you use trenchless sewer line repair as a more economical solution. For driveways you can avoid the more costly option of breaking up the cement and using instead trenchless pipe repair. This allows you to trench or undermine the driveway until you reach the sewer line.
  • With the foundation cut or broken open, or the driveway trenched under you can see the sewer line and find the break. You then cut out and remove the damaged section of the sewer line and replace it
  • With replacing or working with the sewer line, it is important to remember to keep the original drain slope. This slope is what helps to remove the sewage from your home. After replacing the break test your sewer line before filling in the hole.

The actual repair of a sewer line is not that difficult, the problems and cost come more in making access to the sewer line area. For those homeowners who experience a broken sewer line under your home, the expenses can be high. To avoid the high cost of digging up the foundation, sidewalks or driveways trenchless sewer line repair is the perfect alternitive.

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